You should maintain your air conditioning system to make sure the air conditioning system has long life spam.

maintaining your AC

You can cut your electricity consumption by maintaining and cleaning the component of the AC.

The thing that you need to do is vacuuming the AC. This activity will remove all the accumulated dust on the system. Accumulated dust on the filter will make the AC works longer. You should replace and clean the filter regularly. You can clean it once in a month and replace it each 2 months.

Exhausting pump is the best device to help you clean the system. This is the most effective activity for your air conditioner. You have advanced the benefit of AC for the entire house. Exhaustion pump will be a great device for all AC.

Before vacuuming the conditioning system, you can reassembly the top of the AC. You can vacuum the filter and the coil. This vacuum will only suck up dry debris and dust. If you found the dust on the oil, you need to throw all the oil in order to remove all the contamination.

Flush is the other choice to maintain your conditioning system. You can flush your AC with aerosol or liquid. If you want to use liquid to flush the AC. Make sure you have gun flush. You will need to power of the gun to flush the system thoroughly. You can also use aerosol. If you want to use aerosol, you need to have dry compressed nitrogen or air. It will push the air on to the system and clean out all the dust and debris in the system. The point in this activity is the push. You need to get powerful push to clean the dirt and dust from the system.

If you want to flush the AC component, make sure you have removed the compressor. Compressor will be broken if you flash it. This is important for all AC even if it is auto AC system. Make sure that you have removed the accumulator, valve and muffler. Muffler and valve are usually placed between the condenser and compressor. You should also know that valve that does not have inlet screen should be replaced by the new one.

These are some tips that you can do to maintain your AC. Get the benefit after maintaining the AC on your electricity bills. You will get the best performance of AC for the entire family member.

4 signs you should look out for include:

1. The AC Unit is making Strange Noises

If your AC is making strange sounds during operation such as banging or rattling sounds it is a sure sign of trouble. There are chances that there might be something lose that needs to be replaced or the AC has an fan problem. Don’t ignore these odd sounds, if they are annoying and unpredictable rather than soft and constant, the AC surely needs maintenance.

2. Skyrocketing Electric Bills

Have your monthly Electric bills increased lately? A reduction in the AC’s performance brings down its efficiency and requires you to run it at cooler temperatures. When monthly bills increase it means your AC has come of age and needs immediate attention.

3. Continuous Need to Lower the Temperature

Properly maintained Air conditioners deliver consistent performance. If your AC is not being given due maintenance it results in an unreliable performance and you may feel the need to constantly lower the temperature of the thermostat to maintain the heat level. This is an indication that the AC is not producing enough cooling and one needs to find out why.

4. Trouble in Getting Started

Is your AC giving you trouble to get started? Not a good sign! An old AC has this common problem of giving starting up issues. It could be the result of a malfunctioning thermostat or a defective wire and ignorance would only worsen off the situation.

AC problems can disturb the comfort of your home easily. The best thing is to get regular maintenance done or at least respond promptly when you recognize any of the warning signs mentioned above. Timely action can save you from higher expenses later.

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