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  1. Check operating head pressure, suction pressure and superheat.
  2. Check condenser for coil blockage, and clean same.
  3. Check compressor starting and running amps.
  4. Ensure starting devices not pitted or burnt and function properly.
  5. Inspect accessible areas for signs of leaks and rust.
  6. Ensure refrigeration charge is correct.
  7. Check Hi & Low-pressure safety controls if applicable.
  8. Oil condenser fan motor. Ensure that the outdoor fan blade is free of vibration and not bent. Check running amps & for overheating.
  9. Ensure all installed time delays function properly.
  10. Inspect thermostat for proper operation.
  11. Check indoor air filter.


  1. Check indoor air filter.
  2. Oil indoor blower motor. (if needed and oilable)
  3. Check indoor blower motor V-belt, and tension.
  4. Check indoor thermostat for proper operation.
  5. Check for visible signs of poor electrical connections.
  6. Check indoor blower wheel for dirt and balance.
  7. Check flue & flue pipe for proper draft and safe operation.
  8. Check gas valve for proper operation.
  9. Check fan & limit switch and all safety controls.
  10. Check heat exchangers for safe operation.
  11. Check control transformers output voltage and or FLA.
  12. Check indoor blower motor bearings & shaft and capacitor.
  13. Check indoor blower motor amp draw.
  14. Check the main burners for proper ignition and burning flame.
  15. Cycle & check out electronic ignition controls.
  16. Cycle & check combustion air I induced draft blower.
  17. Check for proper operation of the draft blower.
  18. Check thermocouple for proper operation.
  19. Check pilot flame for a proper burning flame.
  20. Check blower door switch safety and furnace covers.


  1. 15% discounts on labor & parts (for repairs only).
  2. Special service call rate.
  3. Electronic air cleaners, or any other part not listed above, and a part of the furnace, are excluded from this agreement.
  4. Priority service, improved capacity, efficiency, and extended equipment life.


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