Most Asked Questions about Furnaces

A furnace is the best way to maintain a suitable temperature in your house when it is too hot outside. It is a machine that has been created for our comfort and pleasure but at times, our mind is boggled by the type of questions that cross our minds regarding a furnace. We know a lot of things about maintenance and functioning of furnaces but there are a lot of things all of us find difficulty in understanding. Here is a list of most asked questions about furnaces along with their answers:

1. Why is the furnace not working?

There can be many reasons for this problem with the furnace. It can either be due to a problem in thermostat if someone had switched off the thermostat and it is not being displayed on the screen. It is also important to note if the thermostat is in heat or not. In addition to this, there is an emergency switch which is located to one side of the furnace or adjacent to it. You need to see whether that switch is switched on or not. Furthermore, there is a switch, which transfers power to the furnace, in the breaker box of your house. You also need to verify whether the switch is turned on or not. This way you can save yourself from the hassle of asking for help from an electrician. Another important thing you need to notice is whether the unit has enough fuel or not.

2. Why does the furnace blow cold air?

There are various facts that might cause this problem first of all you need to check the thermostat to detect whether or not the fan is on automatic mode. If the fan is in automatic mode, then it stops blowing air as soon as the furnace stops heating air. In the opposite scenario if the fan is on “on” mode, then it keeps on blowing air even if the furnace is not heating the air. It might be due to the fact that the furnace is overheating. When the furnace overheats the internal check switches off the heating pads and as a result cold air is given out. Overheating occurs due to blockage of the furnace.

3. Why does the furnace smell?

Mostly the furnace smells when you need to get it filtered and it smells because of accumulation of dust particles on the air filters. It may result in blockage of the fan and it may lead to overheating of the furnace. As a result, the furnace smells of burning rubber. If you have switched on the furnace then it smells due to the burning of gas. However, if there is a strong burning smell, then that means there is a blockage in the heat exchanger.

4. Why does the furnace blinking?

Unlike others, blinking might be due to serious problems like condensate blockade or the pilot light out so it is ideal to call for professional help as such matters cannot be resolved by anyone less experienced.

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