The furnace is a heating system that is huge, produces fire and makes strange sounds.

Reasons the Furnace May Not Be Working

The furnace is an ideal way to keep your house centrally heated during very cold climates. If you live in a cold region, then having a furnace is in no way less than a necessity. It has a very long life if properly maintained, thus, it is an investment and not expenditure. It also adds value to your house which results in increasing its resale worth which means if you are willing to sell your home, even then a furnace is a very helpful addition to your house. If you want the furnace to function properly, then you need to ensure that the house is properly insulated.

Problems with Working of the Furnace

Sometimes, you may encounter problems with the furnace which might lead to it stopping altogether. This sounds like a very big damage if your furnace stops working all of a sudden. However, you don’t always need professional help and at times, it’s a little technical fault which can be fixed with a step as simple as turning on a switch. You need to make sure if you need any kind of help from a technician or not for that you need to take a deep look at the reasons for witnessing such a problem.

The reasons that may be the cause of the furnace to be not able to work are as follows:

  1. ThermostatYou need to check the thermostat for various settings because a problem in the thermostat can definitely turn the furnace off. This might include either the thermostat showing no display or showing a low battery sign. Secondly, it is useful to notice if the furnace is in heating mode and at least 3 degrees above the temperature of the room.
  2. Power at the FurnaceMost furnaces have an emergency shutdown switch located near the furnace or on one side. A child may switch off the switch which might lead to the furnace not being able to get started. In addition to this, some furnaces have emergency shutdown buttons which do not let the furnace get power until and unless the sliders are in place. Thus, you need to check if all the switches are turned on.
  3. Power at the Breaker BoxThe main electric panel of your house has a breaker and fuse of the furnace that sends power to it. You need to check if the fuse and breakers are working or not to find out why your furnace I not working. If the fuse has tripped that is it has come at a position between on and off then you need to switch it off first and then switch it on. Secondly, if the fuse has broken you have to replace it with the same type and size of fuse.
  4. IgnitionIf you don’t have enough fuel, then you might need to fill the tank and restart the furnace to make it work again. You can check the tank to know if there is an ignition problem or not.

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