It is always ideal to have a heating system in your house that is durable, reliable and easy-to-use. Winters become really harsh at times and if the furnace is not efficient enough you might have a really hard time. It is not something you would want to experience so it is always helpful to choose your furnace wisely. In addition to this, the routine maintenance of your furnace is equally important as you can do little things by yourself like cleaning the dirt which is accumulated on the filters but you actually need professional help for proper maintenance in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience in future.

Water Leakage

Furnace Leaking Water

However, maintaining a furnace is not always that hard and becomes a lot easier if you have useful information about different parts and related problems of a furnace. Thus, it is important to know your furnace in a better way so that you don’t face many problems. It is also helpful in knowing when you need professional help and when you don’t. Ever experienced water leakage from the furnace? It is not as uncommon as you might think rather a lot of people who own furnaces have witnessed the furnaces leaking water. Furthermore, you should not fret or get worried if something as such happens because getting worried only adds to the problems.

Reasons for Water Leakage

There are various reasons behind a furnace leaking water and you cannot call the electrician simply before diagnosing the actual reason behind this problem. Here is a useful list of reasons that might cause this problem along with their solutions:

1.   Clogging

Have you ever heard of energy efficient furnaces? They are very useful for a number of reasons including conservation of energy, low utility bills, greater durability and greater convenience but there is one problem it might cause as well. These high-efficiency furnaces have cool exhausts that have a condensate which is channeled to a drain floor. Clogging of either the condensate or the drain might lead to a problem of leakage. This mainly disrupts the function of condensate and leads to leakage.

2.    Issue with the Heat Exchanger

If you find no problem with the condensate but still witness leaking of water, then there might be some kind of issue with the secondary exchanger which is very expensive to be fixed. If you think you are experiencing this problem, then it is ideal to seek professional help. If unfortunately, you are actually facing this problem, then you might even be ready for a change of the entire unit.

3.   Internal Drain Clog

If the furnace leaks water but the above two problems are not faced by you, then you need to detect the presence of a third factor causing it. this third factor is an internal drain clog which occurs when your air conditioner is still working and shares the same drain as your furnace so it can be plugged somewhere and send water to the furnace which might cause leakage of water.


Thus, basically, the problem of water leakage occurs due to the blockage of the condensate or any other sort of clogging.

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