Understanding Furnace Energy Efficiency (AFUE)

FurnaceIn order to save some money on home heating, the most effective way would be to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace. The efficiency of a furnace or boiler is measures by the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The AFUE measures how efficiently the appliance is using its fuel to provide heat in a year.

High Efficiency Furnace VS. Mid Efficiency Furnace

High efficiency furnaces and heating systems condense the flue gasses in a secondary heat exchanger to enhance efficiency. It has a sealed combustion and the AFUE ranges from 95 to 98.5%

Mid-efficiency furnaces on the other hand, have an electric ignition, a small flue pipe, lightweight and compact in size and its’ exhaust fans control the flow of the combustion air and gasses precisely. They have an AFUE of 80-83%

Differences between Single Stage, Two Stage and Modulating Furnaces

Single stage furnaces to do not have any temperature adjustment options and only come with an on/off option. They have high efficiency levels and run on full power until the heat satisfies the thermostat.

Two stage furnaces can run on either high capacity or low capacity depending on the thermostat needs. It will shift to high capacity when the outside temperature immediately drops, apart from that it will be running on low capacity almost 80% of the time.

Finally, modulating furnaces can run on the capacity of anywhere from 40-100% which is adjusted accordingly to the need of heat. Some furnaces can even adjust to increments as low as 0.5%. Typically, they begin at low capacity and ramp up in a heating cycle to meet the demands.

Single Speed VS. Variable Speed Furnace Blowers

A variable speed furnace has better performance and efficiency since it uses up two-thirds less energy as compared to the conventional single speed furnace. The fan of a variable speed furnace moves at different speeds to control the flow of cooled and heated air precisely throughout the house. A variable speed furnace also has much less sound and an increased level of comfort. It also offers better air quality since the air keeps on circulating and going through air filters, capturing all contaminants. It also helps in drawing out humidity and dampness from the air.

Price of a Furnace Installation

Based on the company you chose and type of furnace, your costs can vary tremendously. But on average, the estimated installation cost of a furnace ranges from $2000-$3600.

When you chose Missouri Furnace & Air Conditioning, we make sure your furnace provides you with a healthy environment in the most efficient manner and does not waste any resources. We can help you finance your a high quality, high efficiency furnace.

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