You might have owned a furnace for many years but yet wouldn’t have
found an answer to questions that came to your mind.


It is easy to buy a product and use it but the important comes when you have to maintain it as well. Maintenance is no easy task and you need to ensure your commodity lasts long and works well enough too. You need to learn different tactics of maintenance because it is useful for a longer life of your furnace. Firstly, it ensures your convenience so that you don’t have to face a problem at an inappropriate time of the day. Furthermore, it also helps in giving your heating system a longer and more sustainable life. Finally, it has a major role to play in cutting your repair costs because routine maintenance will ensure you can evade such costs in the long run. Maintenance is not a very tough job if you try to keep certain things in your mind. It is always helpful to know about certain parts and procedures of the furnace to avoid calling the electrician for even minor errors.

  1. Making Sounds and Not Blowing AirIf you have ever experienced this problem, then it is not to be told that this issue kind of scares you in the start. You feel as if something serious has happened to the blower and you will have to pay a fortune to buy a new unit. However, the main cause behind your furnace making strange sounds as if that of buzzing or humming is due to a problem with the blower or the fan. This may in result lead to the furnace not blowing air. Here are few simple reasons behind this problem as well as their solutions:
  2. Power Switched onIt is important to see if the furnace has power either at the switch or at the breaker. The switch is located to the side of or close to the furnace and is an emergency shut-off switch. In addition to this, there is also a switch in the breaker box that works with the furnace. You need to check whether both of the switches are switched on or not. If they are not switched on then that simply detects your problem as it tells that you had no power. Simply switch on the power.
  3. Problems with the FanIf in the case you have power, then the second option might be to check the fan to see if there are no issues with it. You can call a technician or check it yourself after switching it off and removing the sides. You can easily carry a flashlight and spin the blades of the fan to see if they move freely and if they don’t you definitely need professional help.
  4. Issue with the Circuit BoardIf the blades of the fan spin freely, then that means there is a possible issue with the circuit board which can be checked or replaced by a professional.

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