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Homeowners all over the US are enjoying the perks of automating their homes.

Even as late as recently, the concept of home automation was quite unfamiliar to majority of homeowners. However, as more technologies and products become accessible more easily, homeowners everywhere across the US are upgrading their homes.

Missouri Furnace & Air Conditioning Home Automation

Just what does home automation mean?

In simple terms, home automation puts the control of basic home appliances and systems into a homeowner’s hands and offers access from a remote location like a smartphone app. The access can also be from a centralized unit within the home.

In similar fashion to futuristic technologies shown on TV shows like Star Trek and The Jetsons, you can now control things like lighting, your home temperature and even security systems by a simple touch of the screen.

If the concept of a smart and automated home appears too technical to you, or you think these products cost a fortune, you need to think again. These things are completely possible. Also, there are many hidden benefits that you can reap from automating your home. These are illustrated below.

6 Benefits to Home Automation

  1. SecurityWhen you get home, just tap your finger to switch on the lights so you don’t have to worry about what may be hiding in your pathways or the shadows. You can also automate to switch on the lights even when you are not at home to give an impression that you are scare off potential burglars.Door locks are also example of products that can dramatically increase the security of your home. Are you worried that your kids ran off to play without locking the door? Or that somebody will find out your secret hiding place of your key? A simple app can give you the control of the safety of your home. With some technological products for instance the smart doorbells, you will be able to receive an alert on your phone if someone gets close to your door. You don’t have to pay someone when you can watch over your home by using your smartphone.
  2. Energy EfficiencyHome automation also allows you to be more energy efficient by allowing you to remotely switch off your appliances and systems when not being used. Apart from the home automation systems that offer you active control, there are products that monitor systems actively and give homeowners knowledge, guidance and insight to get bigger control and efficiency. Talk to us about 24-hour monitoring service for cooling and heating equipment that are not only able to predict but also prevent breakdowns. The system also generates personalized monthly reports which help homeowner track performance of equipment, improve efficiency and reduce glut energy usage.
  3. SavingsAnother great benefit of home automation is that it pays off. By being able to use home appliances and systems only when you need to use them, you will notice a lot of savings in your first utility bill. You will no longer waste money on lights that are left on when you are not at home. Nor will you need to drive home to lock the door (and spend money on gas) because your kids forgot to lock the door.
  4. ConvenienceHome automation gives you convenience you could never have thought possible. For instance, instead of asking your neighbors to watch over your house for you when you are not home, you can simply monitor it via your smartphone. Smart doorbells allow you to see who has entered your compound, and you can talk to them and tell them to come back later when you are back.
  5. ComfortIt happens all the time. You leave your home when the temperatures are at comfortable 68 degrees and when you come back you notice that the place is sweltering with a temperature of 90%. Thanks to a connected home gadget like Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat, you can conveniently adjust the temperature of your home using a mobile app.
  6. Peace of MindProbably the best benefit of home automation is the peace of mind that it gives you. You don’t have to worry that you may have forgotten to switch off the lights, TV or locking the door. Home automation allows you to do all these, and is an investment that is totally worth it.

Start reaping the many advantages of home automation today!

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